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A case could be made that all of us are hard-wired for adventure. But the reason not everyone continues or grows that desire is quite simply because life's circumstances can sometimes act as a kill switch to it. Pain, comfort zones, fear, societal expectations, apathy are examples of adventure killers. Unfortunately, these killers are becoming normal and in some cases institutionalized. Michael Chabon sees the implications as he writes in The Wilderness of Childhood, “If children are not permitted – not taught – to be adventurers and explorers as children, what will become of the world of adventure, of stories, of literature itself?”  

Cade Rogers understands this existential crisis not only for himself, but for the world of stories. He burned the boat of college (at least for now) and bought a one way ticket to Japan to contribute his part.

Cade is deeply respected for who he is, but also appreciated for his all-around gifts. He he is a gifted athlete and was that type of player whose ability and leadership carried a lot of teams. But he is just as incredible on an individual basis. A snowboarding outing would be just as impressive to watch as a hat trick in Lacrosse. He might even be called on to model for a photoshoot. Point is, while Cade is incredibly gifted enough to rest on those laurels, but he chooses not to settle. He is always looking forward, not back.

His perspective on life is a PSA for an anti-degenerate life. This is refreshing in a world where low standards and immaturity gets a lot of attention on social media and meme accounts.  These accounts only help to solidify a stereotype of what a college aged student can be and Cade is fighting back that narrative one adventure at a time. 

Cade Snowboarding

Cade swimming in powder

With that, please enjoy our "reverse office hours" session with Cade... 

Tell us about your big decision to drop out of school and what you learned from that decision and process.

My short time at school showed me exactly what I didn’t want to do. I did not want to go through 4 years of being miserable, doing something that I had no interest in and was only doing it because it seemed like the normal thing to do. Having to do with myself, I learned that I have no interest in waiting until after college to start life or the pursuit of my dream. I have never loved going to parties or drinking. I was constantly saying no to going out at night and going to parties because I didn’t enjoy them and because of this I felt like an outlier. So I learned that it wasn’t for me, and I would rather get to grinding and working towards a future that excites me.

One last thing I learned, and the most important lesson that I learned is that when you surround yourself with highly motivated people, it also motivates you. I had the opportunity to work on John Wick 4 the summer after my freshmen year and it was hard as hell. But even though it was hard, it was one of the coolest and most fun experiences of my life because I was surrounded by people that pushed me. Being around the people on this movie who knew who they were motivated me to go and try and figure out who I want to become.

John Wick 4 sounds like it was an incredible opportunity. How did doing stunt work when younger help shape your view of risk and safety?

I would say that more than working a little in the film industry growing up, my sense of risk and safety was really shaped by my whole family. I am the youngest of 4 siblings: Zach, Ella, Cort, and then me. My dad was the stuntman and my mom kept everyone leveled. Growing up in the Rogers house was always exciting to say the least. The faint of heart would not have done well in our family. In our house growing up, it was never a culture of slowing down for the youngest, but instead it was keeping up with the oldest. No one was ever left behind, but you bet your ass that you were going to do things that push your limits. For me, being the youngest I think I was probably exposed to these limits more often than everyone else growing up because I was the one always keeping up. Honestly, whenever we did something new, a lot of the times I would either be thrown in first to try it or I would just want to.

I would say that being the youngest has not only made me more willing to take a lot of risk, but I would say it has also showed me some of my limits when it comes to safety. That being said, I still do a lot of stuff that after I do them, tell myself how stupid or sketchy that was. My family definitely had a major impact in shaping my view of risk and safety, but I think another part is something that is just engrained in my brain. And I hate sounding cocky but in the end it’s my confidence in myself that there is nothing I can’t do or learn.

When did you decide to drop out of school? Was there a specific moment or something else that triggered it?  And will this dropping out be permanent or do you think you’ll go back at some point?

I can’t say that there was one specific thing that triggered it. I just know every time I went back I would have a full on breakdown. I was miserable but could not place my finger on the reason; I think this is a big reason for dropping out. I hated not knowing how to bring back the joy that I had before in my life.

Then, second semester of my freshmen year I bought a house with my oldest brother and sister as an investment. It was a super stressful time, but at the same time was the happiest I had been at school. I found that it did not make me happy because I am in love with the world of real estate, but because it really challenged me. I am someone who loves being challenged, whether that is with physical challenges or having challenging tasks to do.

So, I dropped out to challenge myself while doing something that is helping me work towards my goals and dreams. I cannot say whether it will be permanent or not. I do not want to say never. In the near future I do not see myself going back but if the time comes where I see it being useful for me personally I think I would potentially give it another shot. 

Currently you are engaged in some epic travels. What do you hope to accomplish and how can we follow along on your journey?

The past 2 years, through COVID and being at college, I have just been stuck in a rut and honestly feeling straight up miserable. Fighting self doubt in myself and having absolutely no sense of direction I was drowning myself swimming in my own thoughts. Resulting from this, I was just playing life safely, going to class and then sitting in my room. But F*** being depressed, disconnected, and just waiting for my luck.

I have always wanted to go travel and create my own adventure. I imagined it happening after college, but I guess it came a little early. I started this journey with a few goals in mind: push my comfort zone, meet new people, do things that interest me, and start a YouTube channel.

I’ve stayed in my comfort zone for too long, worrying about doing what other people think is right and not taking my own risks. One thing I hope to convey with my journey and my YouTube channel is this: one, it’s good to push your comfort zone; two, just because one thing works for someone else doesn’t mean it has to work for you; three, and maybe the most important for me, you don’t need it all planned out, you just need a goal and some effort and how you get there will work itself out.

I was going to college because that’s what everyone does. But from the start I knew it wasn’t taking me to where I wanted to go. I know I will never let myself have a basic job. There is nothing wrong with that but it’s not in my DNA and I know I wouldn’t be happy doing it. So this is me following my heart, pursuing something that excites me and gets me up in the morning.

Cade catching an Uber

Cade catching an "Uber"

How are you planning your adventures/travels?

If I am being honest, I am not doing much planning. I’ve always been one to figure things out as I go and that is exactly what I am doing. I don’t want plans to lock me into doing something and limiting me from exploring more.

When I flew to Japan, I had a one way ticket and a room for the first night when I landed. Since then, I have been planning three days at a time. When I get to the place I am staying I do research for the next adventure and book my next stay for 3 nights. This allows me to either extend my stay if I am really enjoying the place I am at or move on if I find a cooler place.

Cade surfing

Tell the teacher we're surfin'...Surfing CGK

Any wild stories so far?

I have had many amazing experiences so far in my journey. I am just going to list my favorites.

  • I snowboarded the best snow I have ever had in my life in Japan. To make it even better, the mountain was empty every day and I never waited in a line.

  • I took a bullet train to the coast of Japan to try and surf while it was snowing. I was not able to rent a surfboard but from this adventure came potentially my favorite experience in Japan. I went to a little Japanese restaurant that night and when I walked in it was just me and two older Japanese gentlemen. They asked the server to sit me with them. All night we talked, they bought me food, and gave me a ton of sake shots (I hate sake but when the locals offer, I couldn’t say no).

Cade going Bourdain in Japan

Cade being Anthony Bourdain in Japan

  • I got lost in Cebu City, Philippines driving a moped around. Cebu city was crazy. Buildings falling apart, stray dogs goats and cats everywhere, so many people on mopeds weaving in traffic on both sides of the street. It was the most hectic place I have ever been and parts of it felt like a war zone.

  • I ate a meal in a restaurant in Cebu City. I was the only person in there. All 6 of the servers watched me eat and then one asked if I would find my forever at the restaurant hahaha. Then when I was done, all 6 asked for a picture with me.

  • I went swimming with whale sharks

Cade swimming with the Sharks

Cade swimming with the Sharks

  • I have slept multiple nights in the airport

  • I went into an inclosure to pet and hang with tigers and cheetahs in Thailand

Cade kicking it with a Tiger

Cade, the Tiger Prince

  • I also hung out with elephants in Thailand

Cade Feeding Elephants

Cade the Elephant whisperer

  • Finally, I wake surfed in Indonesia behind a dinky little fishing boat. The driver tied a rotted rope to a wooden pole on the boat and then the handle was just a water bottle. It is hard to explain so here is a pic of the handle.

Cade Wakesurfing with a water bottle

Cade Wakesurfing with a water bottle

Finally, what advice do you have for others who want to do something similar?

My advice to anyone who wants to do something similar is to just go for it. For some people it might be better to plan it all out, but you don’t need to stress about having it all planned out. Some of the coolest experiences come when you have no plan and just live moment to moment.

Some of the most important advice I can give to anyone though is be prepared to be stressed and to be uncomfortable. When these moments of anxiousness come, don’t hide away and find somewhere comfortable to go, but instead face them head on and overcome them. Pretty much every time I traveled to a new place or new country I was super uncomfortable and stressed the first morning because the culture, the location, and the people were all new to me. As much as staying in my room sounded comfortable and calming, I forced myself to go out and take it all in because that was the only way I was going to overcome that scary feeling of being very uncomfortable.

All in all, this traveling experience is in no way relaxing or comfortable. It has been go! go! go! since I started. It is tiring, it is stressful, and it is uncomfortable. But, at the same time I have grown so much as a person, learning to live completely independent from anything I have ever known in life. I have met amazing people, experienced amazing new cultures, and made amazing memories and I am not done yet. But for all of this to happen, you have to be willing to push yourself and be willing to be uncomfortable and overcome it.

Cade with Friends

Cade's New Friends

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